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Our goal is to provide customers with the most efficient and effective design solution and establish long-term cooperation relationships with all of our partners. Noir philosophy is to derive value and create synergy through partnerships and delivering seamless brand extension territorially and categorically. Our objective is to stay ahead of the market so that the advise and recommendations we give to our partners are relevant for tomorrow's markets. If we can get to the heart of the consumers' concerns and desires we can extend the reach of our client's brands by making them more engaging, fulfilling and profitable.









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The solar system, the galaxy, everything around us moves orderly based on the laws of our universe. As we float inside this structured universe, we slowly lose sight of the reasons for living. Why do people always end up following the same old path? Everything in the universe will eventually find its point of equilibrium. This is the universe and the black hole. What’s inside the black hole is a mystery. Infinite possibilities. Because this point of equilibrium exists, black, is able to bring forth the beauty in color. We hope to establish a foothold, a platform. To bring back some color and shake up our routine lives. We can't live without freedom, yet we can’t be free without a space to express ourselves.









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 2/F, 2D, Sung Kee Industrial Building,
18-30 Kwai Ting Road, Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong

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